Truly Bespoke Ceremony Offerings


There are so many other moments in our lives when a ceremony is wonderfully enriching…


I can help you to create a totally bespoke ceremony to mark any other occasion in your life. Any time you feel the pull to give thanks, honour what has been and look to the future, you can give me a call.

I love working on new ideas for ceremonies!


In our personal lives, it could be to mark…

  • two families coming together as one or reuniting
  • the end of a breastfeeding journey
  • a child beginning school
  • the arrival of a first period

In our work lives, it could be to mark…

  •  the end or beginning of a role
  • an achievement as a team
  • a pivot in a business – releasing what has been and embracing what is to come

Contact me and I’m always excited to create something just for you.

large rusted metal fire bowl stands in a woodland clearing flanked by benches carved from tree trunks at Oak Tree Barn, Tonbridge, Kent

Photo by me at the stunning


Follow along…

If the idea of creating a bespoke ceremony with me has given you a little tingle of excitement, filled your head with ideas or even lots of questions,

contact me here and you can start telling me your story over email, zoom or on the phone.

Book a time to meet me over Zoom via


Email me anytime at

Text, call or leave me a message on

07784 761846

Come and follow me on social media - even pop up in my DMs and say hi!

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