Vow Renewals

A chance to reflect, reset, give thanks… and have a party!

“Love doesn’t just sit there, like a stone, it has to be remade, like bread; remade all the time, made new.”

– Ursula K. Le Guin
why would we want to renew our vows?

It’s an amazing way to acknowledge your change and growth as a couple…


Marriages invariably start out full of love, hope and excitement. We make promises to support and treasure one another – the bravest, deepest promises our hearts will ever be called upon to keep. And then we head off into the days of our lives together… and life keeps going… we keep growing… and, together, we both surf the waves and sail the calm, clear seas that life brings before us.

And how amazing those journeys are… and how unique to you…

Travelling together, moving home together, supporting one another through tough times, sharing the exhilaration of the magical times, raising a family, supporting families, building a business, sustaining careers, pivoting careers… learning more about ourselves at every step and growing with every new challenge…

Deciding to renew your vows is simply a wonderful opportunity to pause, reflect on all that you have created and achieved together, thank each other for sticking at it and show that appreciation that sometimes gets missed in the never-ending cycle of the everyday.

How do we plan a renewal of vows?

Start by taking a loving look at your partner and your relationship

We begin the process in the same way as we do a wedding – with the ‘homework’. Take some time to work through my questions and they will lead you to really define the places where you connect with your partner and the traits that have carried you through and held you strong over the years. 

This is really the beginning of the magic of a vow renewal ceremony for you both.  

The homework questions really made me see just how well we have worked together over the years, what has changed and grown and what has stayed the same. It made me realise just how much I love him.

Ellie, reflecting on her relationship with Tim

When is a good time to renew our vows?

Different couples have different ideas about when is right… and about how public they make it. Often it’s a fantastic centrepiece to a party that gathers together your family and friends – and you can guarantee lots of reminiscing about your first wedding day if many of the guests were also there too! But it’s equally special (if not more so!) with just you both and I in a woodland clearing. A Vow Renewal ceremony like this allows you to really connect on a heart level and speak authentically to one another.

Choose a time that feels right to you…

Wedding anniversaries are a beautifully meaningful time to renew your vows. Maybe at your five year anniversary or ten year anniversary… Maybe to celebrate your Silver wedding or even Golden wedding?

To celebrate the birth of a child or a key parenting moment such as when your youngest child goes to school or maybe that moment when you know that your family is complete.

After a period of challenge in your relationship or coming through a tough time in your lives together, renewing your vows is a wonderful opportunity to recognise what you’ve been through and share your appreciation for what you have.

And some couples choose to renew their vows every year, maybe at Beltane or on their anniversary. It’s a wonderful practice to stop each year and reflect, give thanks to one another and recommit yourselves – to say “I still choose you!”

What can we include in a vow renewal?

Your favourite wedding rituals can also be included in a Vow Renewal ceremony…

Just as in a wedding ceremony, those extra little symbolic moments are where the magic so often is. You can include ones that you had in your original ceremony or something completely new and different.

You can…

  • Bless your wedding rings
  • Renew your vows with a handfasting
  • Imprint your intentions into an Oathing Stone
  • Include your new family with a Sand Ceremony or a Unity Candle ceremony
  • Shake up a new cocktail together
  • Jump the broom to symbolise leaving behind what has been and jumping into the next stage of your lives together.

There will be other ideas inspired by your unique lives together too.

Can’t stop thinking about how beautifully you created that ceremony for us. For me, it was better than our first wedding and meant so much, thank you. You really are born to do this. I’m exhausted today from all the fun and emotion!



How much does a vow renewal ceremony cost?

The fee for me to create and hold a bespoke ceremony for you to renew your vows is currently £595.

Depending on how far ahead you book your ceremony, this can be paid in segments, starting with a non-refundable deposit to secure your date and with the final balance due a month before the day. Travel within 30 miles of TN10 in Kent is included.

Your fee ensures that…

  • You will have a ceremony written just for you, that’s all about you and your journey and includes just who and what you want it to. It will inspire you, uplift you and fill you with gratitude for your partner.
  • You will have time with me, online or in person, to explore your ideas and share your story. I’ll also be available throughout the journey to the day to answer any questions.
  • I’ll give you ‘homework’ questionnaires (don’t worry – this is joyful homework!) to help you to shape your thoughts and then share them with me.
  • You can include your own personal vows to one another. I can help you with the process of writing these if you wish or I can write them with your input.
  • You will see a draft copy of the script, then I’ll tweak and edit this until you are totally happy and it leaves you with a tingle of excitement.
  • I’ll be available for a ‘talk through’ rehearsal via Zoom so that we can ensure that everyone involved knows how the ceremony will run.
  • On the day itself, I will arrive an hour before to ensure the ceremony space is prepared. I’ll also be there to meet any venue staff, photographers and your guests.
  • When the moment arrives, I’ll be a friendly face waiting for you in your ceremony space. I’ll help you relax and fully immerse yourselves in the moment.
  • You’ll receive a bespoke certificate to commemorate the recommitment you have made to one another.

What’s the next step?

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Let's talk!

You've devoured my website, checked me out on socials but there's no substitute for a real conversation. I love this bit! I get to begin getting to know you, your story and all the ideas you have so far. Get in touch here

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Say 'Yes'!

When you decide that your vibe fits with mine and you can feel that tingle of excitement (and, to be honest, so can I!), we can sign a contract and then a deposit will ensure I am yours for your date.

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Let the fun begin!

We'll have chats, I'll give you homework (joyful homework!), I may even speak to family and friends... then I will draw it all together into a beautiful bespoke script.

If the idea of creating a bespoke ceremony with me has given you a little tingle of excitement, filled your head with ideas or even lots of questions,

contact me here and you can start telling me your story over email, zoom or on the phone.

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