Let’s create a unique Wedding ceremony just for you…

You’re unique – don’t settle for a wedding ceremony that is anything less!

bride, groom and Alex Hilder - celebrant all laughing at a ring exchange at wedding ceremony in Kent

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What makes a celebrant led wedding so special?

It’s all about you…


You’re unique as individuals and unique as a couple, yet traditionally we’ve only been offered two options for wedding ceremonies: a religious ceremony or a purely legal ceremony.

But what if you don’t belong to a faith group, or the same one as each other?

What if a civil ceremony just feels too ‘legal’ and the same as everyone else’s?

The story that has brought you to this moment of deciding to celebrate your love publicly and make this extraordinary commitment is unlike anyone else’s. As a celebrant, it is my privilege to help you create a ceremony that is also truly unique – including traditional elements that you love – ring exchanges, creating bespoke ones just for you and leaving aside all that doesn’t fill you with joy.

It will guarantee that, alongside the dress, the flowers, the food and Uncle Jim’s totally unexpected limbo dancing, you and your guests will remember the magical moment when you stepped up together and said a wholehearted ‘Yes!’ to one another and your future together.

Having someone light up for you and feel as deeply for this day as you do is the most beautiful experience and our guests absolutely loved it.

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Two brides, one with long black braids and one with lone blonde soft waves, holding hands in front of Alex Hilder - Celebrant under a floral arch by the lake at Kentfields Estate, West Malling, Kent

What extra options does a celebrant-led wedding give us?

So, so many!

Firstly, you can choose exactly where you hold your ceremony. 

The legal registration of your marriage must currently still be done with a registrar and can be done at a brief appointment, in the same way as you would register a birth or a death. Because of this, you are free to have your ceremony wherever you like, be it somewhere licensed or unlicensed – it really is your choice! 

Choosing a place to hold your ceremony that is special to you adds a whole extra layer of love and connection – be it inside or outside, a special place from childhood or the backdrop to the beginnings of your relationship, a hotel that you both love, woods that make you feel alive, a wedding venue that makes your heart sing, a cliff top, campsite, tea rooms or back garden… 

We can weave its magic into the moment and allow it to ground us and hold us whilst your hearts do the important work they are there to do.

With a sense of serenity that is equally matched by an ability to make people laugh and of course a strong connection to the sacred and the ritualistic, you were, quite literally, the only choice for us! And you did us proud. Very proud. You really helped us to shape it into something beautiful, unique and representative of us.


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and there’s more…

All the other elements of your ceremony are your choice too – From timings, readings, music and personal vows to symbolic rituals as traditional as handfasting or as modern as cocktail making!

Do you dream of a morning wedding or tying the knot at twilight?
A simple 10 minute ceremony packed with meaning?
Or a 45 minute ceremony with music, singing, readings and rituals?
Do you want to write your own vows, promises or intentions?
Anything is possible and everything is your choice!

The one rule is only to include what resonates with you…

Often we begin by dreaming of something totally unique and then gradually realise that there are many elements of a ‘traditional’ wedding that we would be sad not to have.

Is a modern ‘giving away’ still important to you?

Is exchanging rings high on your list?

Would you like readings that speak of your outlook on marriage and the road you are walking?

You can tell me about all of these and we will weave them in.

And then comes the magic you can add with elements that are unusual yet, in many cases, deeply traditional. They always bring a beautiful sense of ritual to the moment and can be made completely bespoke to reflect your lives and your values. Any of these symbolic rituals will add that touch of magic to your ceremony…

Handfasting, or handtying (I can’t tell you how much I love this!)
Jumping the Broom
Unity Candle Ceremony
Oathing Stone Ritual
Ring Warming Ceremony
Family Unity Ceremony
Cocktail Making Ceremony
Cake and Ale Ceremony (or even Pork pie and Prosecco if that’s part of your story!)


How much does a celebrant-led ceremony cost?

The fee for me to create and hold your unique wedding ceremony from 2024 will be £725.

This can be paid in segments, starting with a non-refundable deposit to secure your date and with the final balance due a month before the day. It also includes travel within 30 miles of TN10 in Kent.

Your fee ensures that…

  • You will have a ceremony written just for you, that’s all about you and includes just who and what you want it to. It’ll be a ceremony that your guests talk about for years to come and that you will hold special in your heart forever.
  • You will have time with me, online or in person, to explore your ideas and share your story. I’ll also be available throughout the journey to your day to answer any questions.
  • You will receive ‘homework’ questionnaires (don’t worry – this is joyful homework!) to help you to shape your thoughts and then share them with me.
  • You can include your own personal vows to one another. I can help you with the process of writing these if you wish or I can write them with your input.
  • You will see a draft copy of the script, then I’ll tweak and edit this until you are totally happy and it leaves you with a tingle of excitement.
  • I’ll be available for a wedding rehearsal, if you would like one, so that we can ensure that everyone involved knows how the ceremony will run.
  • On the day itself, I will arrive an hour before to ensure the ceremony space is prepared. I’ll also be there to meet the venue staff, photographer and your guests.
  • When the moment arrives, I’ll be a friendly face waiting for you in your ceremony space. I’ll help you relax and fully immerse yourselves in the moment.
  • You’ll receive a bespoke certificate to commemorate the commitment you have made to one another. Please note that this is NOT a legally binding marriage certificate. You will need to register your marriage (preferably beforehand) at a Registry Office in order to make it legally recognised.

What’s the next step?

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Let's talk!

You've devoured my website, checked me out on socials but there's no substitute for a real conversation. I love this bit! I get to begin getting to know you, your story and all the ideas you have so far. Get in touch here

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Say 'Yes'!

When you decide that your vibe fits with mine and you can feel that tingle of excitement (and, to be honest, so can I!), we can sign a contract and then a deposit will ensure I am yours for your date.

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Let the fun begin!

We'll have chats, I'll give you homework (joyful homework!), I may even speak to family and friends... then I will draw it all together into a beautiful bespoke script.

If the idea of creating a bespoke ceremony with me has given you a little tingle of excitement, filled your head with ideas or even lots of questions,

contact me here and you can start telling me your story over email, zoom or on the phone.

Book a time to meet me over Zoom via


Email me anytime at

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